The Digital Roadmap


CoffeeThe Digital Roadmap is a specific detailed action plan that will provide you with the how-to’s to actually achieve your digital objectives. It is a living action plan that fits with your marketing and business goals.

A Digital Roadmap is essential to map where you are and where you want to go. It takes into consideration your budget, resources and your ambitions. It becomes your roadmap to digital success. They are designed to future-proof your organisation by harnessing the power of emerging technology, social, mobile, cloud, and big data trends and transform how your business engages customers and satisfy their needs while creating a strong competitive advantage in an ever changing digital landscape.

It empowers senior managers to transform their business without being bogged down by strategic jargon and technical terms; rather it’s straight-forward and dynamic plan enough to grow and work with your business. This methodology acknowledges that the Digital Roadmap doesn’t just happen. It uses tools and applications that help create and deliver on your business vision and return-on-investment.


  • Assessing your current digital maturity (where you are now).
  • Identifying new opportunities and challenges that can be solved digitally though detailed analysis and applying digital insight and expertise.
  • Assessing your current use of digital technologies and practices for now and the future, such as: Websites; Social Media; Mobile; eCommerce; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Marketing and Online Analytics; Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO); Online Support; Technology Integration; Content Marketing; and Email and Database Marketing
  • Knowing how digital can both save and make you money.
  • Developing a digital vision to satisfy your business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and problems.
  • Setting long and short term goals and prioritising the use of selected digital initiatives which can deliver on your vision.

From this list of priorities your business can start developing new solutions focussed on addressing your future challenges. Or, if you already have solutions in mind, your business can begin programs to validate your ideas.

When the Digital Roadmap is complete your organisation should be clear about:

  • Reaching new customers.
  • Increasing customer engagement with longer, more rewarding interactions.
  • Improving employee productivity.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Driving new sales from existing customers.
  • Introducing new product or service offerings to satisfy customer need.
  • Increasing employee and customer digital literacy and skills levels.
  • Using online marketing metrics to measure return-on-investment.

This allows all creativity to be focused directly on achieving the best returns across the digital strategy.
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